We can blog if we want to
We can blog your friends behind
‘Cause your blogs don’t blog and if they don’t blog
Well they’re, no blogs of mine

. . . Or something like that. I hesitated to start this blog for many months. I feared my posts would end up in internet waste can, where they would spend time befriending dirty myspace pages and contracting venereal diseases from the frivolous waste of a web 2.0 “blogging” culture. My decision to jump into the fray was inspired by the narrative efforts of three close friends, Don, Mark, and Jenks (ok, not so much Jenks, whose posts have lately turned into a verbose form of his Palmares). I wish to create, like these three have done, a record of thoughts and experiences to have when I am old and no longer race bikes, sing karaoke, and go to bed at 1AM.

A quick bio, just in case: I am a 23 year old PhD student in the biomedical engineering department at Rutgers. I research cancer, race bicycles for Rutgers in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference, and have a wonderful girlfriend of 5 years named Stacey. I enjoy coffee and riding my bike more than I should. I write in a often-verbose-but-occasionally-witty style. The rest of me, I’m sure, will be flushed out in time.


~ by wcuk on May 31, 2007.

One Response to “Inception”

  1. it’s like fcuk, but with your initials. mluk?

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