Race Off

I shot photos of these four tikes over the weekend at the Tour of Somerville. Who would win in a race? The giddy grad student? Lance the nose-picker? Teddy bear thumb sucker? Top-tubing Tony?

Teddy bear thumb sucker would probably be held back by his clearly-not-as-fast dad. Lance? He has been too busy running marathons and his functional threshold may be a bit low (plus, his tires are made of plastic). The giddy grad student has the size advantage, but the shortest attention span of the lot. Top-tubing Tony? He looks mean. The profile is aero, power/weight is off the charts, the shoes match the bike, and oh, don’t get me started on the bike. He can’t reach the brakes, either. No brakes = pure speed.

Top-tubing Tony takes it any day.

~ by wcuk on June 7, 2007.

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