One of these disks is not like the others

Lately I have complained  to many of my riding companions about my achin’ back.  This post is my attempt to justify my whining.  Maybe I can also glean a few precious drops of sympathy at the same time.

The photo below is from an MRI I had today (they were nice enough to give me the images on a CD, woo hoo!).  See the huge splotch I labeled “OUCH”?  That is my L5-S1 disk, and it is crowding my icebox spinal cord.  Like the jelly doughnut, a disk is composed of an enclosing outer layer with a gooey inside.  The goo has been compressed out of the vertebral space into the nerves.  Pain ensues.


~ by wcuk on June 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “One of these disks is not like the others”

  1. dude. first of all, nice coccyx. secondly, dude! dude…

  2. Wow…

  3. weezer?

  4. You have my sympathy pal, I was just diagnosed with the same thing. My left leg is weak, my back hurts like hell, can’t stand too long. What have they done for you so far, and did it help?

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