Emo Crayons

The astute reader will notice my blog is Sorrowful Gray with hints of Nonconformist White.

Emo Crayons


~ by wcuk on June 22, 2007.

32 Responses to “Emo Crayons”

  1. Nah, I would say it is corpse gray with a dash of dull gray.

  2. That was positively awesome if i have ever seen anything so right it was that

  3. Wicca is NOT for emos! Ever! Whether they want it to be or not.

  4. hehehe XD
    I’m often described as emo… does anyone know if you can actually buy emo crayons???
    i want some =]
    only… wicca is’n anything to do with emo… and tbh neither is goth, they are two separate subcultures so…
    but wtg for imagination… musta took some time thinking of all the different names for the same colours… what a sad ass XD

  5. gotta get me self some of them

  6. I hate people that make fun of emo’s. Lets go out and buy some preppy crayon for you mr. smarty pants.

  7. I really hate dumb bitches named Lauren.

  8. I want some 🙂

  9. Screw you for making fun of emos. WE are people too you know. I don’t go making fun of dumb asses like you. Plus he is rite wicca and goth don’t got nothin to do with emo so f*** off. i want those crayons though. i end up buying a pack of crayons and throwing out more than half the colors

  10. are those in stores now?? lol. I’m am emo and i haven’t truly laughed in a year but is great.

  11. 2 words…SCREW YOU!!

  12. to jenkesster(wtf=.=):
    arent you a female dog to for callin an anti emo hater a bitch?
    you ALL r pathetic
    you wanna b emo
    y dont you die and wake up in black hell
    ya,BLACK!cs the original hell was red idiots
    lsn real emos have lives you know
    they dont label themselfs
    they dont need crayons
    they have craftknives!
    they dont like goin on sites like these
    so they dont leave comments
    and no they highyly live their known lives so they stay at home
    or the alleyway
    and dont go on the computers
    weirdos all of ya!
    the ppl dat claim there emo
    AND the ppl that suk small things and hate ppl wearin black eyeliners and black stuff and skulls
    “ew!i hate you!you wear black!..ew!am wearin black!get it off!get IT OFF!GET IT OFF!..wawawa(cryin)”
    and then “fakes
    “hey im emo!im emo cs i wear black and i listen to BFMV and EVANSCENNES and i have 5 gamillion peircins and i bleed.I HATE YOU YOU ANTI EMO LOVER!Y U MAKIN FUN OF MEE!YYYYYYYYYYYYY!?WAWAWA(cry)”
    thats how the script should go i swear

  13. have to say i agree with bigbad writer (:
    i get labbled as emo and stuff but i never wanted to be called anything like that.
    it’s just cause all the chavs think that because of how i dress and what music i listen to i must self harm,
    but it’s really actually unfair cause they have no idea what is happening in the people that do self harm’s lives
    if you get me
    but actually i do know a few people who self harm just cause they thinks it’s cool or because they want to be like someone else who’s doing it or cause they’re attention seeking…

    but i love the crayon idea though!
    made me laugh loads

  14. will,

    what in the name of all that is sensible and good is going on with your blog?


  15. Don (or should I call you “Dad”),

    My teenage audience does not appreciate you coming in here and preaching your tireless message of maturity and responsibility. You can’t remember what it feels like to be young, emo, and in control. Stop reading my diary. I HATE YOU.

  16. go analog baby, you’re so post-modern

  17. he he
    i’m emo and i found that quite amusing lol 😉
    although wiccan and goth are two very diffrent things!
    😦 🙂 😦 🙂 ;( 😉

  18. Fuck You all. Emo’s are Emo’s. Why do all you dumb asses waste your time picking on us when you could be entertaining your poor retarded minds with little plastic blocks called Lego, or moaning at your mommy to read you a picture book?

  19. wtf im MAJOR EMO AND THAT FUCKING ROZ where kan i buy some of those…..;] i really want some
    of thouse
    people who think
    emo do
    is cut them selvs
    and cry
    should die and go to hell….
    F****** alll yyall emo haters
    *plus when emo guys kiss
    it is THE HOTTEST thing ever
    its almost orgasmic

    • omfg ur soo right my guy friend is bi and i caut him maken’ out w this dude and i was all holly shit thats ho ant took pics…heeheeehee

  20. I OVE IT

  21. I hardly see how dressing like a guy if you’re a girl (and vice-versa) as well as listening to songs that sound something like “I HATE YOU I HATE ME LALALA BLEED DEATH KILL EMO LIES BITCH FUCK HATE BLACK HELL!!!” can really be a subculture someone would want to belong to…
    anyway , crayon lulz

  22. U dun luv meh?

    i hyd now

  23. im.emo.and.i.think.these.were.cool.i.only.wish.they.were.real.and.stuff.and.screw.everyone.who.hates.emos.

  24. um, i don’t get the difference of the blacks and the whites in there… but great job and very witty imagination 😉

    i’m not really emo (i’m a goth) but it’s cool what emos can create (despite the fact that they’re stereotyped as posers, oversentimental, overdepressed, or even losers…)

    what i just hate is that some people think that goths and emos look alike… i beg to differ…

  25. wish the crayons were on sale 😉

    what is it with self-harm anyway? i have friends who are also emos but they don’t do that, they’re just in for the fashion… but what really bothers me is that there were some in my school that are GAY EMOS!!! you heard it right, gay emos… (now i’ve seen everything….) :O O_O

  26. That’s not fair, Sandra.
    3/5 Emo’s are Bisexual and admit to it.
    1/5 are gay.
    and 1/5 are straight.

    I’m, technically, an emo. whWhat I hate is it gets steriotyped,
    then the meaning gets changed every so and so months to whatever
    the chavs seem to want as the laters steriotype. It’s bullshit
    to be honest. [Rant over]

  27. To sandra
    ur mostly right on the dressin alike
    We do like blak and red cuz they r an expression of our dark and bleeding souls
    I also don’t like being stereotyped
    not all emos self harm and not all self harmers are emo
    I am often stereotyped as emo becaus I am a cutter, listen to my chemical romance and cry when I am sad
    I don’t like the title but atleast I have some emotional friends to hang out with

  28. dear god. all of you stop crying to your mothers and get over it.
    i thought this thread was making fun of the rediculousness of emo lifestyles now i’m ashamed to be responding.
    fuck, i’ll go cut myself and cry in a corner

  29. wtf pplez im emo…i just whanna lisen to my music and hang with my friends….y do pplez hate us??its like if everyone elts was emo and we all looked down on u….what the hell!!just cuz some of us do cut.. ther all cutters…cutters r different then emo…i fucking hate u all**but emo crayons tho…**

    • i agrre qith hateuhaterz im emo and i cut my wrist on a broken mirror by accident and everyone was giving me shit saying im a selfharmer why you guys gotta be so harsh we dont dis you coz you listen to shit music and bitch about ppl 24/7 !

  30. im like emo/scene but i find this funny and just coz ur emo doesnt mean you never laugh or dont have a laugh or have no freinds or cut yourself but this was actually one of the take the piss out of emo pics that i actuallly find funny:)

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