Karaoke was an excellent time tonight.  This is always the case.

Milky Manchester performed his first ever duet with me, “Under Pressure.”  There was screaming.

Jugular Jenks showed why I call him Jugular Jenks.

Mark wore the awesome pink ECCC shirt.

We created an honorary shrine and sacrificed a goat in honor of NinjaDon’s absence.

Mountain Man hit the highest note a human can sing.

Those who left early missed an EPIC beat-boxing showdown.  I have never heard such crazyness in the hallowed halls of Harvest Moon, and I pity all those besides Jay#1, Mike and I who left early.  These two guys put every song of the night to shame.  Jay and I had to take a long, hard look at the meaninglessness of our lives after this performance.

~ by wcuk on June 22, 2007.

One Response to “Epic-nicity”

  1. The only thing sure about being the best is that there’s always someone else who’s better. So the question is this, my friend:

    Do you want to be the best? Or do you want to be the awesomest?

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