Trump Steaks

I was leafing through Newsweek and happened upon an add for Trump Steaks.  Go to the website and look at their products.  Click the Gift Selection link and have a gander at the prices of these steaks.

“All the words in the world can’t begin to describe the pleasure of biting into one of these succulent, sizzling, mouth-watering steaks.” ~Some Moron

I can’t get past the moronic grandeur of this stupid site:  chunks of dead cow for sale under the guise of a gold-foil emblem.  What is that emblem supposed to mean?  It must be the coat of arms of a wealthy (now deceased) family of cows.  Perhaps these steaks are all that remains of the 10 generations of descendants of the late Lord Holstein VonBarrenton.  He lived next to Gatsby, if you recall.

“If all the words in the world can’t describe the taste of dead cow, perhaps the tools who started this endeavor should expand their vocabulary to include words besides ‘yes sir, Mr. Trump sir.’ ” ~Me

This site has everything it takes to earn my 24 karat gold seal of hatred: a thick slab of conspicuous consumption marinated in a rub of unconnected celebrity endorsement.  This man has a lot of money.  Sadly, he is not afraid to slice and serve his dignity in the name of a few more dollars.


~ by wcuk on July 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Trump Steaks”

  1. I like the almost pornographic descriptions and photography.

    Also, who can drop a grand on a bunch of meat?

    That would keep me in tofu for like 3 years!

  2. Dropping a grand on a bunch of meat? Well, if I were a high class man whore, I’d hope everyone would.

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