Matt Pond PA & Brian Eno


Here I will post music which has passed the heavily guarded gates of my musical tastes. I’ll try to suggest my less-mainstream favorites and will throw in some classical as well. I 100% guarantee you will enjoy every artist I recommend here. Today I have two artists to share:

Matt Pond PA Matt Pond PA

“Bonfires, Jameson, damp tents, broken croquet mallets, busted coolers, garage rock, awesome views and horrifying visions.”Matt Pond is guitar-centered music with a heavy slant towards an “acoustic” sound. He (err, his band) is New England through and through; think of long Autumn drives through Vermont or hanging with friends in the New Hampshire lodge. Pond is a great songwriter and has a much faster/harder edge than solo guitarists like David Gray or Jack Johnson.

Start with: Several Arrows Later

music4airports.jpg Brian Eno

Lately, Eno has been in the media for his ambient artwork. His ambient material makes for great background/study music. Eno does not have the corniness you get with most New Age music. His is a pleasant minimalism.

Start with: Music for Airports

~ by wcuk on July 5, 2007.

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