If I could change one thing about the Tour de France TV coverage

Okay. 2, things.

1) I beg the Versus channel to show new ads throughout the tour.  A human being can only tolerate a certain number of Saab ads, or hear Petra Nemcova say how much she “like to taik ze undewaater fotos”

2) Fire Al Trautwig.  This man has been ruining my local cable coverage of the CoreStates/First Union/Wachovia/Commerce Bank/Philly race for nearly a decade.  Why do they let him soil the Tour too?

Random Factoid:  My dad pointed out to me the silliness of the Saab “born from Jets” ad campaign.  Saab cars used to be terrible, underpowered, junky cars that ranked somewhere between lawnmowers and go-carts.  Born from jets indeed.

~ by wcuk on July 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “If I could change one thing about the Tour de France TV coverage”

  1. whoa. when did you post this? i just created a facebook group, Fans Against Al Trautwig (FAAT). that’s freaky timing.

  2. Saabs continue to be terrible, junky cars that rank somewhere between lawnmowers and go-carts. Now they just have more power.

    The born from jets thing is absolut bollocks.

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