Car Talk

Talk radio is like music . . . the music of toffee-nosed intellectuals.  If you like cars, or are a worldly, well-informed patron of  This American Life, All Things Considered, or Talk of the Nation, you may enjoy this show.


Car talk is a weekly, weekend radio show on NPR, but is also a free podcast download on iTunes. It is hosted by two witty, self-deprecating, charismatic mechanics, who also happen to be brothers, who also happen to have degrees from MIT. The hosts have a great dynamic and spend more time cracking jokes and sidetracking than giving car advice. Most of the callers have funny/embarrassing problems, so you need not be into cars to enjoy the show. The whole thing is less about transmissions than it is about good ol’ fashioned intellectual humor, the kind of intellectual humor my snooty, educated readership will enjoy.

~ by wcuk on July 23, 2007.

One Response to “Car Talk”

  1. You don’t even need to like cars to enjoy. Yesterdays highlights include the woman who bought Maalox and Engine Oil at the same time and accidentally poured the Maalox in her engine (BMW 535i).

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