This is the first installment of many posts in which I will explain why things are funny. These posts will be funny because there is not really a need to explain why the things I post will be funny, but I will explain anyways. You see, I just did it there. That was funny because I explained why explaining why things are funny is funny.

You may or may not have heard of lolcats. If you haven’t, please go to and aquaint yourself with the idea. Lolcats are both cute and funny. Here’s why:


This is funny because the cat has a funny facial expression and looks like he is really surprised that you just got an iPhone. The funniness is compounded by the silly text, which uses “gotz” instead of “got.”



This is funny because the cat has phonetically spelled “pizza” and mangled the Italian saying.




This is funny because the cat is so tiny and cute that it will be impossible for the girl to use the cat as a bridge. You see, the cat can’t hold that much weight, so it is funny that he is proposing that he can.


~ by wcuk on July 27, 2007.

2 Responses to “LOLcats”

  1. im in ur blog commenting ur lolcats

  2. yeah, I didn’t know about LOLcats. Last night I found out due to your blog. Last night I didn’t sleep.

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