The Earth does not Orbit the Sun

It seems like the coolest thing to do nowadays is pick on the pre-Copernicans for believing the  Sun orbits around the Earth.   What a bunch of stupid people they were.

“In astronomy, the geocentric model of the universe is the disproven theory that the Earth is at the center of the universe and the Sun and other objects go around it. Belief in this system was common in ancient Greece.” ~Wikipedia

Well, guess what, conformists, the Earth does not orbit the sun.  I’ve let this issue stew for too long inside of me, and it’s time to go on the public record.

Special relativity indicates there are no privileged reference frames in the universe.  Choosing the Sun as a center of the things makes no more grand cosmological sense than choosing the Earth.  The Sun is not even the center of our Solar system, since the sun is also rotating about the center of mass between itself and all the other masses in the universe (1).  Plus, the whole solar system is orbiting a bunch of other stuff in the galaxy.

Nothing orbits anything, because everything is orbiting everything else.  Stick that in your heliocentric pipe and smoke it.

(1) *insert implied joke about the immense gravitational mass of Don‘s mother (2) here*
(2)  No offense to Don’s mom; it’s just a saying.  She’s actually quite skinny.


~ by wcuk on July 30, 2007.

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