Day 2 of the Fallout

Day 2. No internet at home. Had a dream last night about a DHCP server damaged in the storm from 2 days ago. I offered some rat bones to the Interweb gods. What did I do to deserve? what did the blog do to deserve?

Each hour I grow weaker. My beard grows long and water is low. Yesterday a plane flew overhead and I gathered my blanket and tin can and waived the blanket and banged the can. Nobody saw me. Nobody will ever see me. my tin can got a hole from hitting it with the stick and now i cant store my coconut milk.

So thirsty.

This morning I paused my descent into madness by catching a fish from the wading river. The fish was full of bones and tasted like basement. I had no fire to cook it but I used the bones to make a monopoly board in the sand. I used some seaweed as money and peepers was the banker.

Did you know peepers? peepers is a monkey who brings me coconut milk. He’s a lousy banker and wont pay up when he lands on my boardwalk properties. this morning peepers ran off and stole my hatchet and 7 coconuts. that leaves me with no coconuts. he forgot to bring his seaweed money when he ran away. who’s laughing now?

ILL BUY THIS INTERNETLESS ISLAND MR PEEPERS WITH MY SEAWEED MONEY. stupid monkey, i wont even pay him minimum wage when he is my property.

the only way to pass the time is write long blog post in the sand with fish bones. sometimes i get tired without the water i need to drink for water. my fish bones can’t be dranken, but it won’t matter cause that wont fix the internet access. the finch birds read my sand blog and cackle and kaw to eachother. i like them but they always leave comments on my posts in ALL CAPS. who does thatt:? finch birds does that. the finch birds is too fast for the rocks i throw at them.

i donet know if the i can last much longer ont the island. i need IP adress. pleas send for water and IP address.


~ by wcuk on August 10, 2007.

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