A Quick Thought About Oil

 This weekend the key in my mom’s car stopped working.  It’s one of those electronic keys which starts the car by means of a computer chip (no metal part to turn).  The Car wouldn’t start and gave a “Key Read” error message on the dash.

I suspect that the fix for this problem is a quick reset of the car’s computer by the dealer.  Instead of the mechanic coming out to reset the computer, my parents had to have the car towed from their garage (let me tell you, it’s not easy to tow a front-wheel drive car from a garage with the steering wheel locked), and brought to the dealer.  They then have to drive out after the (two second) fix is done and pick up the car.  The tow truck and my parents (in two cars, mind you) have to make a trip to and from the dealership, all because some silly circuit malfunctioned.

I understand the danger of a portable computer which can reset car locks, but that’s a lot of gasoline waste which some better engineering could have prevented.

~ by wcuk on August 13, 2007.

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