Cyclocomputer. $24.99

I made this project for an electronics course in my undergrad days.  I had forgotten about the thing until today and thought some of you may be interesting in buying one.  It’s a cylocomputer (a.k.a.  speedometer/odometer/avgeragespeedometer) that yours truly designed and handcrafted.

You can’t get this kind of workmanship and quality from those crappy brands like CatEyeThis page has info about the elegant design that allowed this engineering feat to revolutionize the world of bicycle computing.  With all those important looking wires, how can this thing be anything but the best?

Functions include speed, distance, average speed, time, altitude, wind speed, heart rate, R-R interval, tape measure, magnifying glass, compass, canteen, spell checker, Speak & Spell emulator, and the ability to play Nintendo cartridges (Duck Hunt gun not included).

I have a thousand of these and I’m willing to part with the first 500 for $24.99.  After that the price goes up to $1,000.  Does you have a money?  Order by check and by proving to me that you can ride a bicycle with a 22lb, briefcase-sized computer on your handle bars.

~ by wcuk on August 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Cyclocomputer. $24.99”

  1. color me impressed. genuinely. no snide shots in this comment.

  2. Yes. Nice work. Circuits are fun.

  3. I’m glad to know you’re making good use of sample circuit elements (I sat in on circuits and went to most of the labs, but I still wouldn’t be able to make such a thing).

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