Today we turn our attention to funny t-shirts. Let me walk you through a world of jokes you won’t understand without my help.


This shirt is funny because the Oregon Trail was a popular game back when computer games were new and “old school.” It was common for characters to die of dysentery in the game, so it’s funny that this shirt resurrects memories of this. Now, if only I could carry all this meat back to the wagon (see what I did there? That was another funny joke from our common experiences with the Oregon Trail game).


This was from a Simpsons episode, so it is funny because it quotes the Simpsons. Since everybody likes the Simpsons, this shirt brings up memories of something we all share and find mutually funny. People who don’t like the Simpsons don’t find this funny, which is funny because these people are left out of the laughter bond we all share through this shirt.


Ha! Look at that. The guy needed a straight piece so he could get a Tetris and get rid of those blocks. The funny thing about the situation is that he got the wrong piece and accidentally put it over the hole. What’s more, the straight piece was next! Crazy, right? He was so close to a high score. You see, it’s funny that two cosmic events aligned to ruin his well-planned stacks of blocks.


~ by wcuk on August 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “T-shirts”

  1. The Tetris one is not funny. It is stupid.

    Leroy, you are just stupid as hell.

  2. Not funny eh?

    When I lay on my deathbed and think back on that fateful game of tetris, I would rather remember all the laughs I had at that t-shirt, rather than all the money I saved by never playing tetris. It’s a life choice and I will never regret my choice to find the t-shirt funny. I will instead be content with the realization that I decided to forgo this choice in return for a more fulfilling and purposed life than merely not laughing at the t-shirt could have provided. And as for your Leroy example. I’d gladly have 10 years of Tetris t-shirts than have $42,000 at the end of that ten years without the t-shirt in the meantime.

  3. Let me awkwardly explain why Will’s above comment is funny . . .

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