Rutgers Parking: Installment I

I am more than a little angry about my experience renewing a parking permit today. . . still too angry to write anything but expletives and occult chants towards the parking staff that inhabit this particular tier of Hell.  This is installment one out of however many posts I need to get the anger out.  The she-beast in this artwork actually works in the parking office; this is no facsimile.


~ by wcuk on August 28, 2007.

9 Responses to “Rutgers Parking: Installment I”

  1. I can’t breathe right now. I know exactly who you are talking about.

  2. Sweet! How did Rutgers get William Blake to do work for them?

    Is zombie William Blake on the payroll?

    Zombie Emeritus?

  3. Shhh. There there, Mark. Isn’t it time for bed? Isn’t it time for you to stop talking about mommy and daddy’s copyright infringement? The pictures you saw were all a dream. There’s no William Blake anywhere here. All just a bad dream…

  4. isn’t that saturn eating his son? Either that or lauren if she doesn’t consume a pound of salt on her raw eggs.

  5. “Ahh, come on guys. Let’s go sailing, it will only take 5 minutes. Come on, let’s go to the library. Come on, Jimmy. Let’s eat some eggs.”

  6. If this post were a caption contest, my submission would be:

    Don’s mom enjoys elevenses on a typical English morn’


    you should totally write for the Simpsons. you’re funny, and you totally make sense. omfglolz

  8. Ahh, sarcasm. I see what ya did there.


    I still don’t know what that means





  9. I did not know Zeus was a she

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