Friday Bullet Points

  • Today, the guy in front of me at the coffee shop asked for 5 splendas in his drink. Time to reconsider whether you actually like coffee, my friend.
  • Don claims I failed at photographing the cycling meeting this week.  I claim I did not.
  • In order to add a course to my schedule here at UMDNJ, I need signatures on 2 forms from the dean, the professor whose course I wish to add, and my adviser.  Efficient.  Good use of the dean’s time. A++++++ GREAT SELLER.  Will do business again.
  • It hurts me inside to use periods without a full sentence.  My blog is edgy, nonetheless, and sometimes one has to get racy with the punctuation to keep readers interested.
  • Maybe New Jersey would hate itself less if people learned to use turn signals.  Maybe the other 49 states would hate New Jersey less if its residents also learned how to drive.
  • Go Rutgers, beat Navy.
  • XKCD is funny because it’s true.
  • The internet has two kinds of users: those who use “your” when they mean to write “you’re” and the other 5 of us.
  • Kitteh iz lownlee.  You iz ask moar qwestion pls in kahmeants?

~ by wcuk on September 7, 2007.

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