Slashdot is dying. Digg is a day late. Reddit is ugly.

/* Warning: Nerd Post */
Slashdot used to be the only game in town for nerd news.  Digg then became popular and converted many of Slashdot’s faithful readers (and caught the attention of a new class of annoying teen morons, but that’s a post for another day).  Reddit is now undercutting Digg.

As an avid frequenter these three sites, I noticed a new and common trend: stories become popular on Reddit, then spread to Digg after a day or so, and lastly trickle into Slashdot a few days later (or not at all, depending on the post’s stupidity).  Reddit is lightweight, fast, ugly, and it’s users are the hardcore scavengers of the web.  Many stories remain exclusive to one of the three sites, but I am seeing more and more trickle-down content.  Why should a non nerd care?  These, among others, are the places where internet memes are born.  If you care about your Numa Numa videos, you care that nerds like myself are scouring the belly of the beast to find them for you.

I am partial to Digg and have always thought it an improvement to the oft-stale-and-oft-boring topics on Slashdot.  It’s sad to see that Reddit is now beating Digg at the ADD game of finding the newest junk on the web.  Tomorrow’s Digg homepage, give or take a handful of stories, is already on Reddit today.

Speaking of Reddit today, the number one story is currently this.

You’re welcome.


~ by wcuk on September 12, 2007.

One Response to “Slashdot is dying. Digg is a day late. Reddit is ugly.”

  1. You’re spot on. It’s so sad to see what was once a great, insightful community become the new 4chan.

    I’ve been working on a new social news website that fosters intelligent discussion and debate. We’re handing out free invites over at

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