Ask Kitteh, September 17, 2007


i hear that every time someone masturbates, god kills a kitten? is that true, and if yes, why haven’t u been slaughtered?
lots of love,

dear kitteh,
where do babies come from and how are they made? are you a fan of bob barker?

dear kitteh,
what are your picks for next week’s nfl games?

do you realize your kind are responsible for the endangerment of austrailian rabbitts and ruining much more of australia’s fragile ecosystem? can you do us all a favor and off yourself to help prevent future atrocities?

deer reedurz,
i iz no moar anser kweschuns frum anonymous. all i ever does iz b
kyoot and u iz want to b meen. and iz not rul for massterbayt, iz rul
for anonymous gets laydeez. dat iz why i iz still livving. i iz no
eeven needz nyne lyvez. jus needz 1 and cheezburger. bob barker
wants to herts us moar den waters wants to herts us. no kittehs lykz
him. nfl pix? eezy: bengles, pantherz, jagwarz, lyonz win. rayvenz,
brownz, falcunz, eeglz looz. (seehawkz and kardinnelz has tie).

i iz a varry tyred kitteh. u iz ask gooder kweschuns dis week plz, kthx bai.


dis mai frend randy mossington. is halp kitteh maik footbawl pix fur week. iz bester reeseever but kitteh iz bester in optschwun offence.



~ by wcuk on September 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “Ask Kitteh, September 17, 2007”

  1. Dear Kitteh,

    Lots of my friends ride bikes and feel the need to shave their body hair to participate in this activity. Are there any activities that you’d be willing to shave your body hair for? Or, would you consider this practice to be just ridiculous?

  2. manalogue.

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