I like doing this so much, I might make it into a regular column. Feast your eyes on this comment, situated in an argument about hi-fi stereo equipment, from digg,

500$ are not much for good-quality headphones. Especially in-ear phones, they can go up to the thousands of dollars if they are custom molded for your ear – and its worth it. A subwoofer, midrange driver, and tweeter all in your ear. But thousand-dollar cables are another matter. Prime example of a placedo effect.

He must really know the better side of life. Fancy wine, fancy cars, thousand-dollar earbuds made from hand-carved, endangered Californian redwood trees. But you. You are a dabbler in stupidity. Stop swimming in your piles of money Scrooge McDuck. You is just silly to buy cables for such absorbent prices. Your just another cog in the vast machinery of rampart consumerism. I’ll spend thousands on a fine case of Chiante, but your out of your mind to spend that on cables…just another pathetic victim of the placido effect.



I would like to remark, in closing, that the ‘b’ key on the keyboard is not even close to the ‘d’. Fail.

~ by wcuk on October 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Fail.”

  1. The outrageously expensive headphones are the only way to authentically experience the Placido effect. However, I heard that the earphones were made from the enamel of baby teeth (exclusively bicuspids to be specific). Mr. 5bills must have been speaking of an inferior model.

  2. I think our challenged commented was talking about hearing aids, not headphones. Must’ve been another typo

  3. Nope. I own a pair of in ear headphones. Mine are the cheapest of the range offered by Shure and they go for $99. Custom molded in ears with three armature speakers for low, mid, and high range go for over a thousand. They sound amazing and they block out outside noise.

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