I promise this is the last one

In the spirit of this and this, I give you a comment from digg.com,

Double jepordy applies when you recharge someone for a crime they were ALREADY convicted for, except murder…. your an idiot

Too easy.  Too. Easy.

~ by wcuk on October 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “I promise this is the last one”

  1. will-
    in order to wear the stars and bars, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. are you the current national champion?
    2. are you sleeping with the current national champion
    3. are you sleeping with the former national champion (acceptable for you, not them)
    4. you beat up and/or mugged a current/former national champion
    5. you slept with a current national champion’s girlfriend
    6. you slept with the national champion’s mother (past or present)
    6. or, most likely and saddest of all: ebay
    will- i am not mad, i’m just disappointed.

  2. Manderkitten,

    Off the record, you seem to have underestimated my cycling pedigree, sexual prowess, crime-ridden past, propensity for mothers, and ability to find $10 skinsuits at the velodrome.

    On the record, I wear the Capt’n America skinsuit with full understanding but chic disregard for the unwritten laws of yellow jerseys, rainbow stripes, and stars and bars. Wearing a yellow jersey to your club ride? Lame. Wearing a form-fitting, iron-forged skinsuit whose outlandishness is rivaled only by the reactions of New Jersians upon seeing a rider in said skinsuit being thrown madison style on a recovery ride? Rock star.

  3. does that make me, the hand-slinger, a groupie?

    i sure hope so.

  4. explanation accepted. you still remain moderately cool. nice save.
    jenks, i have no idea how to classify you. i will wait for an opportunity to present itself. this opportunity will have to correspond, in addition to an attack of inspiration; with my head being emptied of information crammed into it in preparation for midterms (which i am currently bombing). so there.

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