Assorted Miscellaneous Nonsensery

As the rain patters on my window, I thought it a good time to sit by the fire and weave another tapestry of lies and deceit.

I took photos on the Monday night ride yesterday. If spandex is your fancy, you can see the whole lot here. Here are a few teasers:



Aaron discovers his childhood in the winds of life.


Fixed gear. Mountain Bike. Road Bike. Donkey. All are welcomed with open arms on Monday night.


Jenks and I almost crashed when I (riding no hands holding a camera) caught a gust of wind and collided with Jenks (riding no hands because he can). We were closer to crashing than the video shows.

In non-cycling news, the roof of the building is still leaking water into my room. I try hard not to hate Rutgers, but after 3 unanswered service requests I cant hold back the scorn. Chinese water torture is just one of the many perks of living here.


Don’t worry it’s not driving me insane.


Stacey and I spent this weekend at my brother’s place in Hoboken. His cat was fervently trying to steal our brownies. We took the train into NYC on Saturday and enjoyed the sights and street performers. As per usual, I told Stacey that one day I will be able to break dance like the full time, ripped, street performers. Add this to winning the Univest Grand Prix and you have the list of things Stacey is willing to wager lots of money that I will never do.


Aren’t you proud I did not caption this photo and make it an LOLcat?

In closing, I ask that we all keep NinjaDon in our thoughts. He has resorted to writing blog posts in pseudocode, for reasons unbeknownst to the sane among us.  I don’t have the heart to tell him his post wont compile.

~ by wcuk on October 9, 2007.

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