A Year of Cardboard

cardboard.JPG This is my cardboard. All of it. For a year. Summer 2006 to summer 2007.

As an experiment in laziness, I flattened and stuffed every food box from last year into the inadequately-sized container shown to the left. Never once did I break down and take out the recycling. Aaron, who shares the closet with me, could do naught but stand by and watch as my boxes took over our shared storage. Each box of cereal brought me closer to the American dream. Don’t ask me what that means.

I had a little accident when the time came to take my prized collection to the recycling. Boxes fell. Feelings were hurt. Dreams were shattered. I made the most of the spillage by making cardboard angels, a cardboard blanky, a cardboard fort, and even crafted a life size Taj Mahal replica out of my Frosted Mini-Wheats boxes.

img_4230.JPG img_4233.JPG


~ by wcuk on October 10, 2007.

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