I’m so vain. I probably wrote this post about me.

(Apologies in advance to those who find this post about as interesting as CSpan)

I accidentally (seriously, I did not plan or intend to do this) shot two identical photos of my legs a year apart. You can see how far downhill I’ve slid in a year. At least I now have infallible justification of the reason cyclists shave their legs. Would you rather race me during the year 2006 FTJ (faster than Jenks) or during the year 2007 NLFTJ (no longer faster than Jenks)? Okay, I know, trick question. You would never want to race me. You get the point, though.

Left: 9/11/2006 – Legs forged in the mountains of upstate NY.
Right: 10/8/2007 – Ghostly shells of their former selves.



You need not be worried about me, however. I take solace in the fact that it will take years of atrophy and sun aversion before my legs get achieve the size and pallor of Don’s.


~ by wcuk on October 17, 2007.

One Response to “I’m so vain. I probably wrote this post about me.”

  1. You should get a Gazelle Freestyle.

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