Do not want.

One of the worst kinds of blog posts is when the author informs his/her readers that he/she will be gone for sometime and there will be no updates until that sometime is over.  They tend to have promises like “stay tuned, I’ll have plenty of stories when I get back” or “I’ve got a lot of ideas bouncing around and can’t wait to get the chance to write them.”

Do not want.

I’m going away this weekend to visit a friend.  I am sparing the world from my vacuous excuses about the reasons I cant post.  “But Will, what about the readers?” “You can’t just desert them like that.” “You have to tell them when and where you are going.”


People have much better things to do than wait, frankincense and myrrh in hand, for the return of their blogging Messiah.   Yes, armies of teenagers will sit anxiously in front of the RSS feed to this site, waiting for the golden goose to lay a golden egg.  Yes, starving villages will wave furiously as my blog flies overhead, hoping it will drop its crates of rice and clean water to fill the post-deprived bellies of their children. Yes, Jenks will break the F5 on his keyboard in frantic hopes of a page refresh.

All of these are better outcomes than if I put up some boring post begging readers not to desert this already-too-boring-site-with-too-many-hyphenated-adjectives.

~ by wcuk on October 19, 2007.

One Response to “Do not want.”

  1. i re-mapped F5 to the same thing as CTRL+W a.k.a. close tab.


    besides, who uses function keys nowadays? refresh is accomplished by a CTRL+R.

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