Lately, my life has been much like the hit 90’s video game NBA Jam, in the sense that I have been doing a lot of cross-court backflip dunks in pink basketball attire.

The dunking, you see, is a metaphor for life.  And Just like NBA Jam, you can’t do the really cool dunks until you are “on fire.” How does one get on fire? Schoolwork.  Hard. Core. Schoolwork.  The siren call of academia has sounded for yours truly, and though the blogging may suffer in the near term, I will return a high-flying, radio-glowing, 64 bit animated phenom, who can jump from the opposite foul line, do 30 flips, and break a backboard over top of James Worthy.

~ by wcuk on November 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “HE’S HEATING UP”

  1. Boomshakalaka!
    From downtown!
    Throws up a brick!
    He’s on fire!
    Monster jam!

  2. Is it the shoes?

  3. “don, write a new post, i don’t want to study for biochem”
    will, every day for the next 6 weeks.

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