Nobody Likes Watching YouTube Videos, Unless They Are Mine

I send a lot of links and videos to my friends in the course of a day. This makes little sense, in light of the fact that I usually dislike watching these videos.   The not-so-secret problem with youtube is the sheer volume of crap it hosts.  The sharing and posting of this crap numbs my will to care.  Disclaimer: There are a few individuals with taste and a worthy sense of humor whose videos I do watch.  The rest is noise.  It is noise which people post all over blogs and message boards and email threads.


My dirty little secret, I henceforth confess to you, oh internet, is that I rarely click the motown, robot, monkey, and Japanese gameshow links (no offense to the author of this link.  I chose it from a random pool of 3 million blogs) you set before my eyes.  I like you internet, and you contain lots of videos well worth my attention.  I have not given up on you. This is why I perch in the grass on sites like digg and reddit, waiting for others to filter the noise before I leap from hiding and kill the wildebeest.

I thus live a strange (normal?) dichotomy;  I want to show-and-tell with you, but often think your show-and-tell is vastly more boring than mine.  I believe the technical word for this phenomenon is “jerk.”  I also believe it’s human nature.  At least I admit it.

These words in mind, here is a youtube video worth your time.  I don’t expect you to click it.  Nay, I don’t even want you to click it.  No, but seriously, click it.


~ by wcuk on November 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “Nobody Likes Watching YouTube Videos, Unless They Are Mine”

  1. jerk = d^3 (position) / dt^3

  2. +1 for spelling wildebeest correctly.

    can’t click because work blocks the ‘tube.

  3. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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