I hate so much about the things that Facebook Applications choose to be.

Let’s assume, for the moment, that you have lots (or any) applications installed on your Facebook account. I can say with 99% certainty that you are either

  1. A teenage girl
  2. Easily amused
  3. A person whose tastes, err, reside on the tongue


I’ll put aside my dislike of applications and leave the topic of Facebook’s MySpacification for another time. Today I’m insulting Facebook’s new learning algorithm. First, some background:

Facebook now allows you to ‘X’ or ‘thumbs up’ articles in your feed. The idea is that Facebook will learn the types of things you want to see in your feed. There are settings to control how much of each kind of article (photos, friends, status changes, joining of groups, etc…), but there is no setting to change how much you see of applications.

Since I hate applications, it’s natural that I hate seeing when other people add an application even more.  In fact, I have faithfully ‘X’ed every last application notification from my feed since I was given the ability to do so (see figure).

I care so little that you added the My Heroes application.

Despite my attempts to train Facebook’s algorithm, it has had no effect on the frequency with which it shows them to me.  I work in the field of machine learning.  I can say it is a fairly trivial machine learning task to learn a rule like the following,

If customer *WILL* has *Xed* every item of class *APPLICATION* since *THE BEGINNING OF TIME*, show *LESS* of class *APPLICATION*

I wonder if anyone out there could write a Facebook application to strip all application notifications from my feed?  Then we’d be getting somewhere.


~ by wcuk on December 18, 2007.

4 Responses to “I hate so much about the things that Facebook Applications choose to be.”

  1. coughgiftapplicationcough cough

  2. linkedin is the new facebook
    facebook is the new myspace
    myspace is the new livejournal
    livejournal is the new geocities
    geocities is old.

  3. Completely completely agree. Esp. the invitations for applications. What does one do with those ?

  4. Because every click and page-view they can get is more ad revenue for them.

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