I think I’ll name him Cagey

X-rays from 2 weeks post op.

~ by wcuk on January 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “I think I’ll name him Cagey”

  1. I like “Disco” better

  2. My dear William, I hope things are going well. I have thought about you since finding out about your lumbar/sacral business. I Will call you soon. See, I used your name as part of that verb. It’s something I learned in English class growing up. Keep up the strength training

  3. … Or try an alternate spelling, considering the cost of such an operation: “DI$CO”

  4. what are those two little specks floating around up and to the left of cagey?

    did u get to keep your ruptured disc?

  5. I really hope they are some kind of x-ray artifact. I hope they are not 2 little screws meant to hold the cage together.

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