I heard you had back surgery?


~ by wcuk on February 20, 2008.

6 Responses to “I heard you had back surgery?”

  1. “damn, dat’s da training montaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage of the century”

  2. i expected more blood and violence………

  3. No pushing your walker through waist-deep snow? What kind of training montage is this?

  4. Steve,

    Upon reevaluation of this film, I realized I have put our family name to shame. There is no snow, no splitting wood, no running up mountains, not even a single point in the film where I have a bag of rocks tied to me. I will remove this film, burn my hard drive, and legally change my last name so as not to bring any more shame on our once-credible namesake.

    Forgive me, brother, I hath betrayed you.

  5. i thought i was your brother…..
    didn’t you learn anything from my video, with its training montage of excellence?

  6. Shame indeed brother. The next time I see you you better be doing crunches in the hay loft of a barn or pulling wagons out of the snow…

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