Rutgers Cycling Classic 2008

The annual Rutgers Cycling classic happened this weekend. I use the “happened” with tongue firmly in cheek, since putting on a race for the best/largest collegiate cycling conference in the world is not an event that just happens. Thanks to all the team for the help, Feel It Robot for an awesome show, and especially to Rob, the man who makes this event work year in and year out.

With my back still recovering, I helped the team this year from the sidelines. I stood in the cold and kept cars away from bicyclists. I took a rather uninspiring set of photos (sorry guys and gals). I screamed at teammates. I eyed other riders and took silent stock of those who I have beaten, would beat in the future, and those who have beaten the pants off me in the past and would continue to do so in the foreseeable future. I am currently paying for the lack of sleep and time in the cold with a fever and general feelings of weariness. D’oh.


It was especially difficult to be sidelined for this particular race. Rutgers has always been among my favorite weekends (for starters, it’s flat and it always coincides with my Birthday). I nonetheless found great enjoyment from watching the team compete and seeing how much they have matured in the span of a year. People who rode in the C and D fields last year are now controlling the B race. New riders showed surprising promise and there is a general feeling of professionalism amongst the ranks.

I am too tired to detail each noteworthy performance individually. It’s best just to say that we rocked.



~ by wcuk on March 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Rutgers Cycling Classic 2008”

  1. i said this in person, and i’ll say it online:
    your photos are not uninspiring. the standard to which you hold yourself is unnecessarily high. and you’re fat.

  2. happy birthday boss…
    don’t miss rutgers weekend at all. cold as balls

  3. I made it through my 5th year of freezing my tush off at the Rutgers Bike Race!

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