Cagey Says, “Hi”

For those who are interested, I had more follow up x-rays this morning.  It turns out those tiny specks on the last set of x-rays are not artifacts.


I didn’t get to see the films until I got home, so I didn’t get the chance to ask the doctor what he thinks they are.  Hopefully they are not little ferromagnetic pieces of metal that will perforate my intestines next time I have an MRI.

Double Gulp.

Still not much bone growing in there.


~ by wcuk on March 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Cagey Says, “Hi””

  1. That’s what you get for having a Ritchey cage. You see, I’m used to really high-end stuff like FSA at my shop at home.

    p.s. hi Cagey!

    p.p.s. It looks like a crutch. I’ll bet Cagey got sick of using the thing and smashed it up. Or it’s a broken cane, the one that Cagey used to shake at the rapscallions in his yard and when, one day, one of said rapscallions (who Cagey had told many times to “Get off my lawn”) came and broke the cane to get back at the crotchety ol’ geezer.

  2. Cagey!

    Shape up! Play nicely with others, especially those osteoblasts. You may think all their osteoid is ewy-gooey, but you know what… Your going to have to get used to it, because Will is going to have fused vertebrae, and soon. Capiche! You might not like change, but change is going to come. Get used to it!

  3. Sorry we didn’t get to meet when I was down there, but I heard a fair bit about you. Heal up. Is that a plate in there? I remember don saying you might be back for some late season races? If so, hope to catch you at one of them.

  4. could they be clips? like stopping blood supply to the once angry, but now gone disc? also, how much did the metal cost?, cause my little stainless steel plate and 10 screws cost $6000, alone from the surgery.

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