Two Posts for the Price of One

And if you read in the next 30 minutes, I’ll throw in the Oxy Clean and two chamois cloths…

The Day I Saved the Student Center

Yesterday, walking home from a talk, I happened upon a fire in a flower bed next to the Busch student center. A square foot of mulch was on fire, possibly from a cigarette butt. I sprang to action and smothered the fire before it could do any damage.

I’ll continue my running streak of plagiarizing The Office,

Yesterday I saved countless lives. Am I a hero? (pause) I can’t really say. But, yes.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (and boys are twerps)

Yesterday I met up with the team to do hill repeats on Washington Ave. There were two kids, whose age I would estimate as 6 (one boy & one girl), playing outside of their house along the road. The sight of ten brightly colored people in spandex on bicycles going up and down the hill was too much for them. Judging by their excitement, I think this was the most stimulation they had ever experienced. Nintendo be damned. This was awesome.


  1. Screaming the winner, runner up, 3rd, 4th, 5th place, etc., on both the way up the hill and the way down.
  2. Finding flags and waving them while screaming to encourage us
  3. Hiding behind a parked car and jumping out at the last moment to surprise us.
  4. Assuming our finish line was only half way up the hill.
  5. Giving me high fives when requested.

Not Cute (a.k.a. things the boy did)

  1. Whipping me in the butt with the metal flag pole.
  2. Whipping others in the butt with the metal flag pole.
  3. Attacking Charlie for no good reason, repeatedly.
  4. Pretending to set traps for us as we descend at 30mph.

I was happy to see young kids outside doing kid things after school. Yeah, they were acting a little stupid and playing in the road. Yeah, their parents were nowhere to be found. I guess it’s comforting to know that childhood has not been stripped completely from our litigious society. Boys still catch toads and scrape knees. Girls still find boys repulsive and say cute things. I’d like to think that we made two little tikes want to go outside and ride bicycles yesterday. Their unsupervised play session could have been dangerous, but, all things considered, it was less dangerous than an afternoon inside watching the tube.

Also, if they scratched my new bike or caused me to fall, I would have sued them.

~ by wcuk on April 24, 2008.

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