Read this instead.

I’ve been pretty harsh on bloggers lately. Today I happened upon one that is really worth it.

I was clicking through Don‘s blogroll, reading Colby Josh‘s blog, where Josh has a link to this guy’s site:

The author’s wife has breast cancer and months to live. His blog gives an honest, candid narrative of the experience.

She says she’s sorry that I’m not getting out on rides right now. I haven’t told her…that a couple times this week, I’ve left work to go on a ride and then have skipped it so I could get home a little sooner.

I’ll ride more later.

You can read it and feel humbled, or angry, or lucky, or whatever it is his story makes you feel.  I enjoyed reading through the comments and seeing that the web can be a kind, helpful, amazing source of support, as opposed to the usual vortex of name callings, petty insults, and meaningless drama.

Good on ya, internet, and best wishes to fatcyclist and his family.


~ by wcuk on May 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Read this instead.”

  1. I’ll be donating earnings from my cycling and outdoor gear search to the Fat Cyclist family on May 19th and 20th. More details at

  2. Thanks for pointing us toward this site, Will.

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