Take your holistic BS to your grave.

I was *this close* to not writing a post about this topic. It’s almost too easy. It’s almost like arm wrestling kindergarteners for their lunch money. It is my weakness that I write these posts. I cant let stupidity run free. Must. Attack. Idiots.

from XKCD

The cause for boiling blood? I am speechless that this website made it to the #1 spot on Reddit yesterday. I suppose it’s not surprising considering Reddit is chalk full of anti-pharmaceutical morons.

Why are they morons? They are morons because they bite the hand that feeds them. They whine about big pharma collusion and evil, profiteering, private-sector profiteers. Then they burst an appendix or contract some terminal illness and come crawling to the alters of modern medicine. They become outraged that “we” (the collective “we” of white-coated medicine/pharma researchers) have not cured their niche disease, or that their life-sustaining medicines cost them thousands a year.

Sorry, next year we’ll just skip the $100 million FDA trials and just invent the cure.

Look at the (uncited) table from the crappy website:

Cause of Death Annual Death Toll 2005
Prescription Drugs 32,000
Suicide 30,622
Car Accidents 26,347
Firearms 29,000
Homicide 20,308
Sexual Behavior 20,000
HIV/AIDS 17,011
Illegal Drugs 17,000
Anti-Inflammatory 7,600
Terrorism 310

I want to throw up when I see a table like this. So what if 32,000 died from prescription drugs? Where are the death rates? It’s called normalization. Why not add grizzly bears to the list? Heck, there’s only 1 or 2 deaths a year from that. Better yet, ASTEROID impact. No human has ever died from an asteroid impact in 2005. Ergo, it poses no threat to our society.

A little later in the article we happen upon this beauty,

Prescription drugs don’t treat diseases; they merely disguise the symptoms, providing care for disease rather than health.

There it is. Nail, meet head. Head, nail. I better take back the claim I made earlier. Researchers don’t just try to treat the disease, they are so crafty they concoct special compounds to disguise the symptoms. My public apology now reads:

Sorry, next year we’ll just skip the $100 million FDA trials and just invent the cure and purposefully invent drugs which sidestep the disease but alleviate your symptoms.

Antibiotics? Just treating the symptoms. Cervical cancer vaccine? You have to pay for that sucker three times before you GAIN IMMUNITY FROM CERVICAL CANCER. That ain’t no treating the disease; that done gone be the sound of big pharma’s hand in my pocket.


Dr. Fred Baughman, author of The ADHD Fraud, the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest, most evil drug cartel in history.

Ok, now I’m getting cocky (see how I picked a quote from the article which isn’t even a sentence?). Let’s put aside the validity of big pharma’s cartel status and look at the alternatives,

  1. Don’t take prescription drugs (after all, they are just disguising your symptoms, right?)
  2. Research, screen, produce and self-medicate with your own drugs (If Meth addicts can make their sauce, surely you too can make your own Cox2 inhibitor!)

Prescription drugs are expensive to develop, largely because the US makes prescription drugs according to strict scientific controls. It’s an unfair assumption that the pharmaceutical industry is withholding cures, charging unfair premiums and killing patients in the name of profit. As with any large body of people, some are corrupt, but most are doing a job as best as possible.

You would do well to remember this fact the next time a prescription drug saves your life.


~ by wcuk on May 14, 2008.

9 Responses to “Take your holistic BS to your grave.”

  1. I’ve been thinking it; I’m glad you wrote it. My blood boils when I see the anti-vaccine Nazis spew their misinformation. The public is gullible; they believe consiracy theories over scientific evidence. (btw, I’m a Pediatric RN; I’ve seen unimmunized kids with Tetanus, and prior to Hib vaccine, MANY kids with Hib meningitis). In fact, I commented on a WP blog this week over a post that “more kids than ever are fainting when getting vaccines (paraphrased). First, I don’t know of anyone that keeps regular stats on this, and second, this is a natural physiologic response in some people (vasovagal reaction).

    I’m thankful for “Big Pharma”, as I just had a kidney transplant 2 weeks ago. Were it not for drugs, I would be rejecting my kidney, would probably get CMV disease, and would be at much higher risk for Pneumocystis. I would also have been in much more pain had it not been for my PCA pump in the hospital.

  2. I sympathize with what you’re saying and certainly, drug companies exist for good reasons, but it does seem to be true that most human-made drugs can only alleviate symptoms.

    Obviously antibiotics are another story. By the way, are vaccines really considered pharmaceuticals? I know they’re definitely not referred to as ‘prescription drugs’ so I don’t think they are what that group was targeting.

    That said, I’m not at all against (the ethical) R&D of drugs.

  3. Hippies do spout some crap don’t they.

    A bunch of toddlers came down with Rubella at our local nursey because some dimwit mothers would’t get their kids vaccinated. They put not only their kids but other peoples babies at risk -irresponsible nitwits.

    Go prescription drugs! It’s not perfect, but way better than the alternatives.

  4. Dave J (you fucking idiot),

    Take one of the most widely criticized of ailment/treatment schemas: depression. What causes it? Well, at the most superficial level, it is caused by low serotonin release. How can this be remedied? SSR-fucking-I’s you idiot. So you may not get to the root cause of depression (i.e. why would someone’s brain not be releasing enough serotonin) but, in the meantime, you have a lot fewer people KILLING THEMSELVES because of depression.

    What your dumbfuck ass requires is that we not release a drug/treatment until we know the minutiae and very root causes of disease. This is not practical.

    Rapid uncontrolled division of cells is a “symptom” of cancer. We better not give anyone with cancer anti-angiogenesis drugs or any cytotoxics because WE’RE ONLY TREATING A “SYMPTOM” OF CANCER. Your like propose we forget trying to understand mechanisms of disease . . . which get us closer to understanding root cause anyways . . . the human body is a damn complex machine and we deal with the mechanisms that we understand.

    Next thing you’ll be telling me is that biologics aren’t pharmaceuticals because they aren’t small molecules. We’ll see how you change your tune when you need blood thinners to avoid clotting/stroke, your wife needs a biologic that keeps her immune system from attacking her own body due to rheumatoid arthritis and your kid takes a kinase inhibitor to halt the progression of leukemia.

    Ok, so you hedged your “human-made drugs can only alleviate symptoms” statement with the rest of your post. Maybe you really are in favor of drug development and the progress of the human race. If perchance that be the case, take my response as an open letter to those that ascribe only to the notion of your ill-uttered aforementioned sentence and not, then, as a personal attack against you. Sorry to bring your wife and kid into this, too.

    p.s. I still hate you, though.

    p.s. I hate you.

  5. “most human-made drugs can only alleviate symptoms.”

    Narcotics/analgesics work by relieving symptoms (exception: NSAIDS also decrease inflammation, and some are also used to prevent clots).

    However, what about TNF Inhibitors used for arthiritis? (e.g. Enbrel, Humira, etc). PPIs used for GERD/Reflux Esophagitis? (e.g. Prilosec, Prevacid, etc). Inhaled steroids used for Asthma? (e.g. Flovent, Azmacort). ACE Inhibitors which treat Hypertension? (e.g. Zestril, Vasotec).

    Yes, many do alleviate symptoms, but they also treat disease.

    As for vaccines, they are considered pharmaceuticals. Yes, the link above mainly targets prescription narcs, but there is a concerted effort out there to target “Big Pharma”.

    How many people have BENEFITTED from prescription drugs? A lot more than have died from them…

  6. @jeffsher63:
    I agree that many many people benefit from prescription drugs. My point was more one of looking at the various ways in which this can happen so we don’t find ourselves falsely thinking that drugs (even generally) ‘cure’ us.

    Of course we can just say ‘drugs help us’ but that is a simplistic perspective that leads people (on the flip sides of the same coin) to be irrationally rude and lose discourse. In my experience, that is not useful to anyone.

    As I say, I have no problem with the drug industry and in my lab, I research novel drug targets for potential bioweapons… so no, I’m not anti-Big Pharma.

  7. Obviously, that site is an extreme one similar to PETA and other radical zealous sites. And modern medicine deserves the lion’s ( and a really big lion at that) share of credit for our longer life spans thanks to vaccines and antibiotics (not to mention triage, surgical, and sterilization improvements). But Big Pharma does bring drugs to market for profit knowing full well they are dangerous. And they cover up trials and research. And they bribe politicians. And fund lobbyists. We know this–we’ve seen it and it continues. And it needs to stop. Pretending it’s just a few bad apples diminishes the reality that it is ingrained at this point in every major firm’s DNA. Granted they are no worse than the big defense contractors or big energy–except they can directly kill people–but two or three wrongs don’t make it right. NO worries, I think you’d agree with that. You are right in the main.

    Love the that Tarmac Dude. I have a Roubaix Expert 07. Sweet ride though not as “amped” as yours. Ride on Brother.

  8. You are an Idiot, do you even know the definition of the word holistic? Holistic doesn’t mean “Hippie Voodoo” It means the whole thing, not one portion of the problem and drugs aren’t always the answer unless you’re fighting over active people or viruses.

  9. Probably not to kindest way to drive your point home Joshua.

    That said, as a 35 year old who has never taken so much as an aspirin, was never vaccinated and who’s children are all on the same track, I do feel we are and amazingly overmedicated society.

    I didn’t say I never get sick, I do. I was extremely amused this last time when I got sick at the same time as one of my drug munching Aunts. She told me how she went to the doctor and got two shots in the butt and 2 prescriptions and how the doctor told her it was all but impossible to kick this bug without drugs. I got better 2 full days faster. All I did was sleep and eat healthy.

    I’ve played around with a little homeopathy and herbal remedies, with varying success, but I’ve found that the thing that works best is good, well balanced nutrition and exercise. I grow as much of my own food as I can and I don’t let the TV keep me from my morning jog.

    Do I think doctors should be done away with? Nope, heck if someone hits me with their car on my morning jog, get me to one of those drug peddlers as fast as possible I’m probably gonna want something for the pain. But for the most part I think daily drug taking is a band aid (a poor one at that) for bad nutrition and life style.

    So in the same way you are irritated by people who think medicine isn’t needed, I’m annoyed by people who think it always is. And I dunno maybe it is always needed nowadays for some of these people who have never used their immune systems, but mine is healthy and if something comes along that I can’t kick then hopefully my lack of drug taking habits will mean a lower dose will be necessary.

    Best wishes,

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