Decrepit Blog is Decrepit

See the sniveling face to your right?  Looks like the same blond kid staring at you with his snooty chagrin.  Now look up.  See the same old Weezer quote? See the same old wcuk sign?  Now look down.  Actually, don’t look down.  It’s a wasteland of posts down there.  When was the last time even I punched Aaron? Shame. Shame on me.

If I were less of a blogger, I would put up the usual junk about how “life got in the way” and “I haven’t had much time to post.”  Poppycock.  I’m better than that.  The “haven’t had time to post” post takes you one step closer to LiveJournal status.  Next thing you know, you are using emoticons.  After that comes 1st-person-shooter race reports and talk of “good sensations.”  Yuck. Mouth vomit. Someone get me a glass of water.

During this wcuk recession I’ve been keeping myself busy with things new and old.  Under the “old” category we have the usual cycling, lab research, reddit timewasting, karaoking, and book reading. Under the “new” we have a head-first dive into the Netflix Prize, a side project to learn about grid computing, and lastly, a move to a new apartment.  Any combination of these  keeps me grooving until the AM hours. Bloggingbedamned.

In an unprecedented streak of web neglect, I have let the Rutgers Cycling page lapse into tattered shambles of its former self.  The wcuk page has not had a facelift in half a year.  I begrudgingly woke from hibernation to appease rich and make the team a forum.  After this brief moment of effort I quickly went back to hibernation.

Soon enough I will wake from my sleep and forage for the proverbial berries of blogging.  This site will be updated.  I will perish the lazy non-updaters from my links.  I will be cranky from my long time in the cave and hungry to fill my belly with posts (accordingly, you can expect a revival in the dry misanthropism that once defined this blog).  If I can catch enough salmon in the river I may even start creating new content.

Wouldn’t that be something?  A blog that creates it’s content instead of talking about other peoples’ content?

That said, here is a lolcat I didn’t make, but wish I did:


~ by wcuk on July 17, 2008.

One Response to “Decrepit Blog is Decrepit”

  1. Screw you for making fun of your blog. IT has feelings too you know. It doesn’t go making fun of dumb asses like you. Plus the cat is rite bombs and dogs don’t got nothin to do with babies so f*** off. i want those posts though. i end up reading dozens of blogs and throwing up more than half the time.

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