Friday Bullet Points

  • I just don’t like the idea of Twitter, or, as it likes to call itself, “microblogging.” Macroblogging is bad enough. Noise noise noise.
  • Why is the term “art” applied to everything the Japanese do? Why is art applied to everything everybody does these days? The art of brick laying, the art of sandwich making, the art of programming…  Maybe your particular flavor of martial arts is just something some mortal thought up when he got bored of punching like he assumes a praying mantis would punch.  I don’t claim to practice the art of cycling or the art of graduate school.  I wouldn’t denigrate the word by claiming such nonsense.
  • I’ve been thinking about the value of an email.  Is an email worth anything?  I often send lengthy emails to friends and receive nothing back.  Should I expect something in return?  So lowly is the lowly email that a response is not deserved, no matter the effort put into the correspondence?  It reminds me of this comic.
  • While moving to my new apartment, I kept thinking about anthropologist Mary Douglas’ definition of dirt as “matter out of place.”  This started me thinking about the moving process.  What is moving besides the transfer of some matter from one place to another?  It seems like such a trivial task for so much work. This is the kind of stupid, existential thought that keeps anything from getting done.  It would all be so much easier if I just picked up the damn box and moved it.  Old-fashioned elbow grease isn’t my strongest virtue.
  • Thanks to all of you for sending in your great suggestions and contributions to this post.  Not.  I hate you all, except that girl Stacey.  At least she cared enough to berate me with a sarcastic comment.  Take solace in the fact that you contributed in some small way to the forthcoming closure of this site.  I hope you can sleep well at night with that gravitas on your shoulders, jurkfaces.

~ by wcuk on August 1, 2008.

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