A general malaise seems to have come over me.

I just got an email.

The University’s policy on Student Immunization and Health Requirements specifies that all students receive an annual PPD (tuberculosis) test.

Annual? Annual!?  This is a graduate school.  We are researchers with no patient contact.  Last time I checked I was not coughing up bloody sputum.  Wait. Hold On.  This might be bloody sputum.  Nope, that was just a sneeze.  It’s ok folks, move along.  I just had a sneeze.  Turns out it wasn’t the consumption.

I'm surprised my school does not require daily screening of the four humors.

You know what’s more dangerous than TB?  Making your student body scamper around like chickens to get forms signed every waking moment of their lives.  I’m not joking.  The stress this bureaucracy puts on otherwise-healthy people crushes immune system and spirit alike.

I bet administration would like a subcutanious injection to predict which students will fly off the rail and punch their dean in the face?

This is an actual photo of my lab from this morning.


~ by wcuk on August 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “A general malaise seems to have come over me.”

  1. Just take the test and contract TB the next day…then you can have it for a year, get rid of, pass the test, and take it out of the freezer again (TB spoils in the open, just like meat).

  2. i don’t understand. what’s the puzzle, and how do i earn points?

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