This is not a joke. I received this email yesterday morning.

Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 5:32 PM

On Tuesday August 12 the ********* Police Department will be monitoring the crosswalks  from our Parking Lots A, B & C to check that people are using the crosswalks across Hoes Lane. If they catch people crossing outside of the designated walks they can issue a ticket for “Jay Walking” which they have done in the past.

I do not know what time they will be out but we have been told that they will be out there. Please notify all faculty, students and staff.

You can see just how dangerous this situation is by clicking here.

10 points to the person who can construct the most depressing social commentary on the implications of this email.  Any form of artistic media will accepted.


~ by wcuk on August 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “This is not a joke. I received this email yesterday morning.”

  1. i respectfully abstain… like the olympics, this competition is best conducted in the absence of professionals. it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of my esteemed competitors.

  2. Clearly Rutgers has controlled everyother crime including: rape, theft, and asshole drivers. Instead of firing state employees (hard to do), they have planned a Campus wide Jay walking sting (that manhole that gets walked on when you Jay walk is actually an undercover cop…be careful!)

  3. I am awarding 3 points to Jay, for being the innovative force behind “Jay Walking”

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