It was from Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique, you incurable philistines

I am still working through the submissions to the last post to determine who deserves points, positive or negative, for their wit and witticisms.

I suppose we’ll bring the contest back into the realm of mindless algebra, where nary a shred of culture is necessary to cull points aplenty.

2 points will be awarded (per question) to the first to solve the questions on MIT’s entrance exam from 1869.  You may answer some or all of the questions.

~ by wcuk on August 18, 2008.

13 Responses to “It was from Berlioz’ Symphonie Fantastique, you incurable philistines”

  1. should’ve guessed syphonie fantastique.

    1. -9
    2. 2a-b
    3-5. too lazy to do
    6. x=1/9
    7.x=17 y=19

    what is the middle sign on #5? is it divide (or subtract)?

  2. 1. WRONG
    2. CORRECT
    3. 0
    4. 0
    5. 0
    6. WRONG
    7. CORRECT

    4 points. You did not get into MIT.

    That’s a divide symbol in #5.

  3. Maybe between me and jay we can get in:

    1. 15
    3-5 I should do real work at work instead (aka also too lazy)
    6. x = 41/9

  4. ok so i’d rather not do real work:

    5. (a^2 + b^2)/2ab

  5. and 3. 3a^3 – 8(a^2)b – 4a(b^2) + 3b^3

    and now it’s time to go home!

  6. Because no one else wants to do it:
    4. x^3/(x^3-a^2y) or as I prefer it:

    Oh no, I got wrapped up in this.

  7. oh, and (6) isn’t x=7/3?

  8. theJenksster:

    1. CORRECT
    3. CORRECT
    4. 0
    5. CORRECT
    6. WRONG

    6 points. MIT material? Maybe you should apply to U of Phoenix just in case.

  9. Charlie:

    4. CORRECT
    6. CORRECT

    4 points. Welcome to Cambridge, MA.

  10. effing negative signs . . .

  11. I wrote all my answers on a chalkboard in the MIT classroom I clean for a living. You can check if you want, but they’re all right.

  12. Oh yeah? That’s great I’m sure that’ll work out swell for you. Hey that reminds me, there’s some puke in the hallway of Fine Hall, can you get on that please?

  13. You’re gonna regret that when some pompous professor discovers that I’m wicked smart and decides to help me rise above my sedentary life in the Southie projects.

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