Awesome theory, broski.

One of my favorite internet stereotypes is the gun-toting, conspiracy-wielding, freedom fighters.  They possess the scientific, political, and economic wherewithal to link such disparate events as water fluoridation, the bailout, 9-11, and corn-syrup.  They always advocate buying gold and think every person needs a gun for the coming day when marshal law is declared.  Check out this comment from a Reddit article on the bailout:

There’s no outrage. You consumed all the fluorides they put in your water, used their fluoridated toothpaste, believed it when they told you that this deadly poison (presently collected from smokestacks of chemical fertilizer factories, and sold as fluorosilicic acid) was good for you (Meanwhile,Europe has ever allowed its use)

So now, it has already destroyed many cells in the Hippocampus of your brain,rendering you docile and unwilling to stand up for your rights. (Yes that’s what it does, as discovered long ago.)

A totalitarian state is inevitable, among such ‘sheeple’, since it has been pre-planned long ago…by the same people who made sure you were all getting fluoridated, and similarly hypnotized by the lies and false hopes generated by advertising of everything. (right about here, the false pride of your ego kicks in: “Hey..I ain’t no sheeple. Scruuu you!”)

(The best automatons created are the ones that will insist that they are not automatons. The best ‘permanent prisoners’ are the ones who will say they are ‘not in prison’. You don’t even need a very good lock on their cages, as their minds are already locked up!)

They even took your broadcast art forms, like TV and movies, and chopped them up into little pieces mixed with advertising, all to sell product. the real product sold is your complacency and docility and ignorance.

And now, as the shit collapses before your very eyes, will you still stick to your blind ad compulsive interest in the lies they’ve sold you about ‘change’, a ‘two-party system’,and that the government represents your interests?

Corporatism wins, you lose! The wealthiest one percent have like 90 percent of the wealth of the society. And it is not the case that they do 90% of the real work either! You have let your government fool you!

Good luck with that.

I have a lovely bridge I can sell you.

Cool, man. Let me know how all of that works out for you. The rest of us automatons will continue our on our sheeple ways, doing such things as having fun, not living in our parent’s basements surviving on Mountain Dew & Cheetos, and having a BMI <50.


~ by wcuk on October 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Awesome theory, broski.”

  1. Worst blog entry ever. Mountain Dew & Cheetos are the lifeblood of the universe.

  2. Ad hominem and socially stigmatized characterizations are not compelling intellectual arguments, but they are very effective, psychologically speaking. Especially to an audience of sheep! 😉

  3. Funny how many free-thinking individuals seem to resort to the exact same vocabulary. Sheeple indeed.

    For a light-hearted look at the New World Order check out the New World Order Family Circus:

  4. Wcuk, have you ever wondered why I drink only distilled water, rainwater, and only pure grain alcohol?

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