I am a very important member of the Rutgers Cycling Team. So is Mark. So is Don. So is Charlie. So are a handful of other students on our team.

Why am I important? I ride my bicycle. Often. I try to get others to ride with me.  I try to make rides fun. I send personal invites. I talk with the new people when possible.  I give food, money, and (sometimes) pushes to tired newcomers, who need these things more than I do.  Good for me.  I was once a rider in need of a push or two, or twenty.

Now I’m jumping ship.  Mutiny. I’ve gone “daily digest” on the team.

The daily digest means I don’t get the team’s individual emails during the day.  Instead, I get all the emails lumped together at midnight.  It’s sad I had to do this.  It’s not that I’m not too busy for the 10+ emails/day. It’s just that the team has become too much talk and too little ride.  In my self-delusional world, I’m taking a self-delusional stand against the poor form that corrupts our means of communication.  I am out, at least until moderation returns and repetition subsides.

If I may quote another William, “I must be cruel, only to be kind. Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind.”

Now I sit in wait…for the halcyon days of our once-great team to come into their own.



~ by wcuk on November 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mutiny”

  1. Um… jumping ship doesn’t count as a mutiny. sorry. Sitting in wait isn’t exactly a forceful takeover.

    I definitely respect how much effort you have put into posting rides and encouraging people to join you. I wish that more people on the team would follow your lead. We can only hope for your return as ambassador of the road… Please come back by February.

  2. forum forum forum forum!!!!!!!!!!

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