Who, me?

Sometimes a blog needs to die in order to know what life tastes like. Stale thoughts must be cast aside, boring routine smothered in the ashes of static abandonment. When writing ceases to be fun, writing ceases. So explains my quiet absence from the vaunted halls of bloggery.

I’m back, albeit with less time and more stories. I have a race to win and a doctorate to claim. I have friendships to mend and a thousand websites to update. I have no internet at home. I have an endless pile of bike parts to clean.

If you’re still here, you’ve likely been refreshing this page for a month. You probably holster various levels of anger over this fact. Sorry to leave you hanging. Thanks for coming back.

~ by wcuk on January 20, 2009.

One Response to “Who, me?”

  1. googlereader baby. google. reader.

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