Ya’ll Trying to Make Me Proud

It happens the same way every time.  My appetite surges and wanes. My body gets warm and cold and warm again.  I feel terrible and content at the same time.  I am tired. I am weak.  Others are able to go out to dinner and go to meetings and pick up life where they left it.  I’m not.  My body doesn’t work like that.  It needs hours to fight the stress.  Goosebumps come and go.  Sometimes I am left laying on the floor, with absurd cravings for odd, salty foods.  It’s hard to get comfortable, but it feels right.

I am 100 miles for the better.

I just spent the whole day on a bike. So did 13 of my close friends.  Riding 100+ miles is not a hard workout at the gym.  It is a geographical distance.  It is a ride that spans a length a satellite can measure.  To ride a century is to give the day away to cycling.  No matter the preparation, it is an affront to the body.  Something always hurts after 6 hours, whether it’s your butt, your back, your hip, or your hands.  On a  day like yesterday, when the temperature fails to cross the freezing point, you add the numbing droll of frostbite. Toes will freeze.   The constant wind finds its way into the gaps of your clothing and robs your hard-earned heat.  Fancy socks and coverings wont fix it.  Water bottles freeze solid in minutes.  You accept this, and ride on.

Pictures coutesy of Eric.

Pictures coutesy of Eric.

It’s not individual sacrifice that makes yesterday worth mentioning.  It’s the sum total of 14 individual sacrifices.  What kind of person wakes up and decides their entire day is best spent  in a low-teens windchill, with burning legs, no toes, searing lungs, on top of a scantily-padded bike seat?  I can think of fourteen, give or take, that seem to think this a sensible idea.  If not for my tattered, wrecked body, I might be convinced that this many people make it sane.


We'll never make it to Fort Laramie at this rate.

It isn’t sane.  Cycling is alive and well at Rutgers.

~ by wcuk on January 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ya’ll Trying to Make Me Proud”

  1. Keep up the training…in the days of the past I have known such intensity, all I can say is I did my best racing during the hardest training times. Seeing as you haven’t even started the season yet you have much more intensity to go..keep it up!!

  2. I am so tired of hearing about how in shape you are. I did 17 minutes on WiiFit this week. Suck on that.

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