Cablevision is a Crappy Company

The only purpose of this post is the off chance that it turns up in a google search of somebody trying to make the choice between Cablevision (Optimum Online) and a different service provider.  Choose the latter.

I’ll spare you the full customer service sob story and give the abridged version:  I’m techy. I know computers. Cablevision representatives lie to me like it’s their life mission.  My favorite one-liner: an account-retention representative (the people you get when you threaten to quit) insisted my internet was out because we had 4 computers on a router.  “You can’t power that many computers on one router,” she insisted.  I told her, nicely, to cut the crap.  Even the repairman did it to me.  He said our problem was that the router was too close to the cable modem.  Holding back my urge to smash a physics diploma on his head, I muttered some crap about Faraday cages and told him, nicely, that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about (a WiFi antenna puts out about 30 milliwatts of power, while your cellphone does about 250 milliwatts, not like it even matters).  He pushed buttons and reset the modem to no avail.  Then he went outside and fixed the real problem out at the telephone pole.  It didn’t seem to weigh on his mind at all that the internet worked just fine with the router and modem snuggled up in a cozy radiation bathtub.  On his way out, he informed me that the modem was “whack.” Thanks.

Cablevision takes a lowest common denominator approach to the job.  Customers are sheep, and employees are to shepard them through valley of telephone prompts, outright lies, and fake technical jargon.  They don’t return calls and will try to force their Triple Play package down your throat by calling at work, at home, in the morning, even if you tell them to stop. Stay away, if you can.

~ by wcuk on January 27, 2009.

5 Responses to “Cablevision is a Crappy Company”

  1. Trust me dude, its the same with any ISP. I once had a guy tell me that the reason my internet was not working was because I had a router connected to the modem. Apparently routers are meant to be connected to the computer. And this was in the UK.

  2. Cable Vision is exceptionally bad. Too bad I can’t get FIOS at my house and satellite isn’t a real option.

  3. If someone was equally techy as yourself, would they be working an ISP call center or doing cable repair? If they actually understood TCP/IP networking or the difference between frequency and amplitude, I guarantee they’d be doing something other than pulling $10/hr reading from a script.

  4. did they offer you the “triple play” and then say that it wll take a couple of days for a tech to come out? In two years, i have been through 8 boxes due to problems. my guess…… its probably not the box that is the problem……
    hate to say this, but they make more than $10 an hour, which is really scary. it’s prob to pay for the future emotional scarring and bodily destruction caused by sitting in the same position in a cubicle 12 hours a day.

  5. i got frustrated reliving those horrible memories and didn’t finish your rant, completely missing the triple play offer. as you could guess, i’ve dealt with this shit far too many years….

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