Deep artist is Deep

Every time something comes out of my mouth, there is an equal and opposite position I’m forced to reckon with. Perhaps the consequence of attempting to pay unbiased attention the world. Both reformist and traditionalist, elegantly smashing windows in a three-piece suit. The insults I’ve flung upon myself make all efforts toward personal reconciliation totally impossible. —Matt Pond

I love Matt Pond as a musician.  Judging by his lyrics, I bet he’s also a nice guy in person.  But as a writer? Yeesh.  What does that even mean?   It sounds like he’s saying things for the purpose of saying things.  If ever there was a recipe for mundane blogging, let this be it. Deep prose is deep, and belongs in the never-to-be-read cauldron of dusty MySpace monologues.

With the same pent up urges of any woolly mammoth, I’m wholly into it.

Okay, 2 points for the pun.  -4 for the mammoth nonsense.  Stick to guitar, Mr. Pond.  That’s where we’re bestest of friends.

~ by wcuk on February 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Deep artist is Deep”

  1. “Hope is a letter that never arrives/Delivered by the postman of my fears”

    -faintly scrawled on the case of the acoustic guitar my best friend got in 7th grade.

  2. I should note that the guitar was used. In case it wasn’t obvious to the reader . . .

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