Apollo 13

The elevator is broken in the department’s brand new building. The attached email speaks to the cutting edge efficiency of our lean, mean university:

Just to keep you informed on the elevator repair.

There are 2 separate issues with it.

1. The oil system(oil tank, pump, piston, etc) is contaminated with water.
2. The control board got wet and we don’t know the extend of the damage on it.

Both of these issues are not covered by the regular maintenance agreement that ***** has with the elevator company. This means that in order for the company to start doing any work, ******* has to cut them a PO first. Which in turn required a bid from the company.

#1. At the moment the PO’s have been cut and work to clean the oil system will start, if not today, first thing Monday. It should take them 2-3 days to deal with that.

#2. After that they will start troubleshooting the control board and figure out the extend of the damage. Worst case scenario, the whole thing is fried and we need to order a new one. If that happens, things are becoming complex since the board is proprietary and not readily available.

Elevators are the new space shuttles.


~ by wcuk on February 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Apollo 13”

  1. note that they need to figure out the “extend” of the damage …

  2. that’s why old school elevators with the dude the opens and shuts the door on his own and has a lever to control it never fail…. call the dipster, he’s prob still looking for a job….

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