Fastest. Intro Race. Ever.

I recieved an anonymous tip from an ECCC friend about this article:

…the approximate average for the team was 27 miles per hour



27 mph = 43.452288 kph



~ by wcuk on March 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fastest. Intro Race. Ever.”

  1. it’s funny because it’s true…ly obnoxious!

  2. I was actually in this race with these guys, allow me to translate.

    “…due to an incident earlier in the day, the length was shortened.”

    -The hill was too big for us to do, we were slow, they gave us a shorter route by doing part of the course backwards then turn around and finish

    “During the road race, speeds greater than 40 miles per hour were achieved, and the approximate average for the team was 27 miles per hour.”

    -The reason the approximate was 27 is because the race started at the top of the hill and just went downhill into the finishing straight. Seems logical but they left out the race was only 2 miles long haha.

    “Stevens is currently leading its category.”

    -Category = Intros.. really

    “This event was easily dominated by Stevens with S###### coming in first, P#### placing third, and L## placing fourth”

    -I can comment here because there were only 5 people in the race, unfortunately I was 5th and a kid from tufts was 2nd haha

    Lastly… “Dominates” = wins intros

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