Some explanation needed.

Eagle-eyed Jenksster spotted this one.  The upper left is the cat 5 race, the lower right is the cat 1/2/3 race.  Both races were on the course at the same time.


Did he start with the 123s and fall off the back, into the 5 field?  That’s probably the case.  Even so…


Poor form, buddy.


~ by wcuk on March 2, 2009.

8 Responses to “Some explanation needed.”

  1. For that to have happened, he would have had to start in the 1/2/3, get caught and dropped by the 4s, and then wind up in the 5s.

    I’d be willing to wager that he didn’t even have a number, and had just joined (and lost) the packs as a nice change from his usual monotonous Saturday morning laps in the Park routine

  2. The more logical thing to happen would be that he finished the 5 race, then during his cooldown lap saw the 123 field coming up and hopped in it. Because the 5 race lasted only 45 minutes compared to the 123 which went for nearly double. I think he wanted more, maybe he just jumped in t he front of the pack, either way thats messed up.

  3. The plot thickens! I wasn’t wearing sunglasses for the first chunk of our race, so he was in our field while you were still on course.

  4. But will it’s still possible because we only did 4 laps, and you did 12. This means he may have caught onto the group by your 5th lap because we were never lapped by the 123 field.

  5. Reader Eric,

    Who the hell is will?

    Love and kisses,

  6. Dreadful reasoning for all! The Occam’s razor of this cycling phenomenon is a pair identical twins.

  7. Hey I’m just glad I could spot wcuk in the pack! Though I am curious as to why of all people he is not wearing sunglasses!

  8. It was too cold for sunglasses. I’m pretty sure he dropped out of the 5 field and found shelter with the 1-2-3 crew…

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