A Thank You or Two

It takes a huge group of people to make an ECCC bike race happen. It’s a privilege to take part in these races and I thank everyone who helped make it possible. I want to name a few people who helped me personally this weekend.

Mom and Dad – for driving out to watch me race and celebrate my birthday like old times

Stacey – for seeing me through Rutgers race #6 in one piece and getting me out with a positive mindset… no easy feat!

Jason – for donating hours of his time and thousands of dollars of his equipment to help me get 43 in the time trial, and of course for the moral support, and for spending every day of this winter on a trainer with me

Mike – for dropping by multiple times to cheer, and a vote of confidence after a disheartening day #1 of the season

Don & Aaron – for the constant camaraderie and for taking an interest in how fast I can ride a bike in circles

Honorable mention thanks to my teammates for cheering and riding their brains out, Rob for running another flawless race, Honeah and sis for making the trek to Princeton to see me get shelled, Mark for keeping the RU team and race in one piece, and also to the friends, family and spouses who came out to watch.

Thanks, I/we really appreciate it!


~ by wcuk on March 8, 2009.

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